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HomeButton Ferme Cenerini Farm is a small market garden just outside the town of La Salle on the southern outskirts of Winnipeg. We have been growing fresh produce for sale for over thirty years. We have been at our present location since 2001. The rich soil along the La Salle River is an ideal location for growing the wide range of vegetable crops – from beets to zucchini – that we sell. The sheltered bend in the river where we produce our crops also has a micro-climate that is well-suited to heat-loving crops like melons and sweet corn that are our specialty.

Ferme Cenerini Farm is truly a family farm. The food we grow and sell is the same as we eat ourselves. Over the years, we’ve learned what grows best on our soils and what tastes the best on our table and how to produce that food in a safe and sustainable manner that is good for our family and good for the environment. We are awfully picky about what we eat and what we would not eat ourselves, we do not sell. When you buy from us, we want you to have that just-picked experience… like you just got it from Grandma’s garden!

Home-grown produce is available from our farm through the CSA program that we will be implementing this year. For more details, please go the CSA pages by clicking on the links to the left.

Carol and Rhéal Cenerini

E-mail address: cenerinivegetables@outlook.com