CSA Pick-Up Information


There will be one evening during the week when the weekly baskets can be picked up. There will be one pick-up site on the east side of the City of Winnipeg. The precise location of the site is still to be determined but we will convey this information as soon as we have nailed it down. 

You will be given a window of time during which you can pick up your basket. If this time is not suitable, we will do our best to accommodate you. At the same time, because we do all the picking and packaging ourselves, we have to be as efficient as possible. To deal with any concerns over COVID-19, we will supply produce in unused paper bags. We will use gloves to place your bags in your vehicle for you so there will be no need for person-to-person contact.  


At this point, la Ferme Cenerini Farms foresees supplying produce from the second last week of July to the second last week of September (roughly September 25). This is a ten-week period. Weather permitting, we would like to offer customers the option of pursuing deliveries for a few more weeks into early October. There would be an additional charge for these final weeks.

Notification if you are unable to pick up your weekly share

If you will not be available for your weekly pick-up, we ask that you give us a heads-up a week in advance, if at all possible. Of course, if something sudden comes up, we understand, but it would still be good to tell us so that we know not to expect you at the drop off location. Email at cenerinivegetables@outlook.com is the best way to reach us. There will be no refunds for weeks where customers do not require produce. However, if produce is still available at the end of the 10 week season, we may be able to provide extra weekly shares to these customers, in order to make up for the missed week.

Thank you

We look forward to seeing you throughout the growing season and renewing our relationship with you, our valued customers.