About Us
HomeButton La Ferme Cenerini Farms has been nestled along the banks of the La Salle River for 15 years. Prior to that, its owners, Carol and Rhéal Cenerini, farmed on St. Mary’s Road, just south of Winnipeg. The flood of 1997 precipitated a change in location and we settled on a property east of the town of La Salle where we have been ever since.

Rhéal has a Diploma in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba and together, Carol and Rhéal have been growing vegetables, fruits and various field crops for over thirty years.

At la Ferme Cenerini Farms, we love good food, food that’s fresh, that’s wholesome, and that’s picked when it’s at its best. A big part of the attraction of farming for us has always been providing our four children and ourselves with fruits and vegetables that we could savour and share, knowing they were safe and of the highest possible quality. We’ve done our best to always bring that same philosophy to our business: we only sell what we would eat ourselves.

Our farming methods reflect these preoccupations. Food safety and quality are first and foremost. We look for practices, like green manuring, integrated pest management and the use of crop covers that minimize the need for in-crop treatments and we make sure that, where necessary, we only use the safest products that are available. And we go to extraordinary lengths (like picking corn by moonlight on market days) to get you the freshest produce money can buy.

When you buy from la Ferme Cenerini Farms, you know you are buying direct from real farmers. Whatever we sell, we’ve grown, weeded, picked and washed ourselves. It’s the same delicious and wholesome food that we out on our own table, straight from our farm to you!